Waste Guide


  • News paper, magazines, brochures, mail, books, junk mail, cereal and corrugated cardboard. Bigger boxes need to be flattened and tied with string. Place it next to the bin.
  • Cardboard packaging and boxes.
  • Office paper and till slips.



  • Plastic bottles and containers.
  • Cling wrap.
  • Plastic bags. Place similar bags into one and make sure they are empty.
  • Plastic numbered #1 to #7 including yogurt and margarine tubs. Numbers are located under or on the side in a recycling symbol.
  • Take away containers free of food residues, rinsed and cleaned.
  • Tetra Pack. E.g. Liqui Fruit, Long-Life Milk.



  • Beer, wine and drinking bottles.
  • Food jars and bottles.



  • Food cans that have been cleaned.
  • Beverage cans.
  • Old pots and pans. Aerosol cans.



  • Ink cartridges
  • E-waste: electronic equipment.
  • Electric appliances.


What cannot be recycled!

  • Used tissues or diapers.
  • Anything that is contaminated with food residues.
  • Poison containers or anything that contained hazardous materials.
  • Window/mirror glass
  • Glass with any form of laminate on it e.g. tinted windows.
  • Anything that looks recyclable but has excess glue attached
  • Spongy plastics used for packaging.