Town House Complex

Contact us for a waste consultation at your complex. As this would require permission from the complex governing body it’s advisable to put them in contact with us. As the name suggests it is quite complex to get recycling set up in cluster dwellings as the governing body needs to make the final decision. For recycling to be effective bins need to be placed in a convenient spot that is easily accessible and visible. It needs to be visible to everyone preferably close to the entrance so that tenants could be made aware of the service without too much fuss. Open Sky would place several bins for the collection of glass, paper, plastics and tins and collect as volumes dictates. This would give you the opportunity to educate and inspire more tenants to get involved. In the long run more resources would be saved and the burden on existing waste infrastructure would be lessened. We believe that with proper recycling in place and the collective effort of both tenants and management a third of your municipal bins could be returned to the council. In short the more you recycle the more you could save.